Why is Briquetting so Important for a Country like India?

Briquettes, which are manufactured from various kinds of agricultural and industrial wastes are being widely used by businesses on small as well as large-scale for a greener environment and is proving as an effective pollution controller. Based on the raw materials used, there are various types of Briquettes machine. You can select the one depending on the availability of residual wastes in your area.

The demand for briquettes has been on an increase in recent years and industries are adopting this trend because briquettes are regarded as a clean fuel and don’t harm the atmosphere as fossil fuels do. Governments of various developing nations are also supporting the cause and providing subsidies to procure briquetting equipment and raw materials to encourage this trend.

What are Briquetting Machines?11412279_419260691580241_5168158155787361691_nBriquettes are a form of a compressed block of organic wastes such as sawdust, coconut shells or any other kind of biomass. In other to form briquettes in large quantity for commercial purpose, it is very important to establish briquetting machine, which helps in the formation of the briquettes by applying very high pressure to the residual wastes.

Various waste materials from agriculture produce such as husk of different items, ground shells, almond shells, peels and industrial organic wastes are put into the machine as raw material. All the material is then subjected to very high mechanical pressure without any use of binding chemicals to form briquettes. These fuels cause much lesser pollution and burn more efficiently when compared to traditional fuels like coal.

What are the benefits of using Briquettes?1508162_395399330633044_1756701501349304161_n
The major advantage of using briquettes is its quality of sustaining a good and friendly environment.

It can be easily used as a replacement for the fossil fuel, as it doesn’t cause pollution of being burnt.

It is cheap and easy to make and provides an opportunity to villagers to earn money from residual farm items.

The future of biomass briquettes is very bright, and they would be in high demand to fulfill various fuel-related needs.

Thus, if you are looking to establish a Briquetting plant in your industry or locality, you should feel proud that you are going to take a step for a great cause. It helps in curtailing the misuse of wastes and processing them to attain a finished product that is better in every way.

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