Biomass Briquetting Plant – How Do they Work

The primary requirement of every industry is the fuel that is needed to heat industrial boilers and produce electricity. The coal and charcoal used for this purpose are becoming costlier day by day and are also causing a lot of environmental destruction. To overcome this problem, the use of Briquette plant is being brought into practice.

The biomass Briquette plant is used to produce briquettes that are a kind of bio-fuel by substituting coal. In place of coal, these plants mainly use green wastes or agro-forestry wastes and other organic materials. These wastes are recycled, and briquettes are produced that help in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

What types of organic wastes are used to produce briquettes?

The raw materials needed to produce briquettes include agro-forestry wastes like barley straw bales, saw dust, wheat husk, cotton stalk, municipal solid waste, or just about anything that has nitrogen highly contained in it.Jay-Khodiyar-Banner-1 (1)

Qualifications for the raw materials to be applicable

To convert raw materials into briquettes, there are certain conditions:

• The size of the raw materials has to be maximum 20mm. If bigger than this, they need to undergo cutting for conversion into finer particles.

• The moisture content is required to be below 10%. Raw materials with higher moisture content need drying first.

How is biomass briquetting plant advantageous over other industrial plants?

Produced from green or organic wastes, the briquette machines offer the following benefits:

• Briquettes produced from organic raw materials are cheaper than coal. Also, the combustion produced is more even in comparison to coal.

• A completely pollution free project, as when it is burnt no sulfur is produced.

• The ash content of briquettes is very low – mainly 2 to 5%. Whereas in coal, it is 20 to 40%.

• Briquettes are quite hygienic and can be easily stored and packed.AAEAAQAAAAAAAANEAAAAJDY1OTE2ZDNkLThkOTQtNDBhNC1hYmI3LWEzZGJjNWE4YmM4OQ

The materials used in preparing briquettes are already a part of the carbon cycle, so they produce comparatively very low greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels.

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