Forest Residue Briquetting – A Waste to Wisdom Technology

Do you know forest residues, which are always considered as waste, have high potential if processed properly? Yes, this is true.

Forests residues like inferior quality trees, chucks, tree tops and limbs, also termed as woody biomass can be effectively used as energy source.

And the process used for the same is called briquetting. This is nothing but a waste to value creation by transforming the forest residues into fuel logs through briquette machines. Researchers strive hard to find new and advanced technologies to convert waste into high-quality fuel source, which is also beneficial for the environment.


The experts take an opportunity to creatively use waste material for the benefit of environment, to save money and to preserve natural resources. They set up briquetting plants near forests or other waste creation sites to save money spent on transportation of the raw material and final production called briquettes.

Environment stakeholders come up with innovative programs to educate people on right use of waste material created from biomass sources and forest residues. They explain everything about briquetting plant: the benefits, set up cost, uses of briquettes, right technique and benefits of the same for the environment as well as for users.

Though there are ample choices to recycle when it comes to forestry waste, the majorly used materials include trees, braches, access mats, wooden cable spools, stumps, crates, pallets and wooden blocks, to name a few.
No matter which material you recycle, make sure all of them have required moisture level for proper density. And if it has higher moisture, it is better to dry the raw material before putting in the briquetting machine for processing.

Bottom line: Biomass energy created by converting forest residues into briquettes have high potential and can easily replace oil, gas and coal. These make effective energy source in many applications like brick kilns, domestic kitchens, industrial furnaces, barbeque etc. Governments all across the world are supporting the technique by offering attractive subsidiaries on setting up briquetting plants and on the revenues generated from briquetting business.


How to Innovatively Recycle and Reuse Woodchips for Environment Protection?

Woodchips and sawdust are unavoidable waste materials in timber companies. On processing and grading timber or reclaimed wood, the operators get a lot of waste, which most of the times goes into landfills.

Though people usually throw the waste in landfills or just directly burn it to get energy, there are still people who look for more effective techniques for woodchips recycling and reuse. If you are also one of them, this informative post with innovative ideas on sawdust and woodchips recycling is the right pick for you.

Flowerbeds: The first and the easiest ways to reuse sawdust is to mix is with mulch to make flowerbeds. Just be careful with selection of the right sawdust as some aromatic woods can negatively impact the soil conditions in your garden while affecting health of the plants.

image-1956056904Weed Barrier: Sawdust makes an effective weed barrier in garden walkways and keeps trail at a bay. Easy and effective decomposition of sawdust and woodchips makes them excellent organic soil additive.

Briquettes: Converting sawdust and woodchips into fuel logs is one of the best options for those having large quantities of sawdust waste. You can set up a briquetting plant near your production unit to save the transportation cost and get an additional income source from the waste.

Liquid Absorber: If you just throw away the paint and other liquids in cans while cleaning, next time just pour the liquid in a can filled with sawdust and let it absorb the liquid before disposing.
100-3CG08_DFloor Protector: If you want to increase life of your glossy floor by preventing it from stains and the marks from the falling tools, spread a thick layer of woodchips and sawdust on delicate concrete surface.

86qTransfer to the briquette makers: You can also sale the excessive quantity of woodchips to briquette makers in your area to get value from waste. Biomass briquette machine suppliers can easily provide you contact details of briquette makers and help you effectively utilize woodchips waste.

Who wants to spoil the environment in which we are living? Just adopt these techniques and protect your ‘mother nature’ for better living conditions.

Get Ample Heat At Much Lower Prices With Straw Briquettes

Straw is a complete waste material from different types of crops like wheat, rice, millet etc. Though it is a waste material with zero value, this can become an Eco-friendly and cost-effective energy source with right processing.

So, what is that processing and how to do it?
Jay Khodiyar-03
The processing is nothing but conversion of straw waste into fuel through briquetting process. The briquetting plant owners put the straw waste into the machines and convert it into fuel logs, which provide a cheap fuel source with plenty of heat. The logs make an effective heat source for both domestic and industrial applications.

The best way to get superior quality briquettes with accurate density and perfection is to use extruder briquette machine. These machines put extreme pressure on high temperature to bind the straw together and make firm briquettes.

If you want to get more compressed briquettes with longer burning time, it is better to first convert the straw into dust and then process in the briquetting machines. You can complete this process with the help of bale shredder machines easily available in the market.

Selection of right briquetting machine:

This is one of the essential decisions to ensure quality of the briquettes. As straw briquettes are popular due to their Eco-friendly nature, this highly gets affected by the quality of briquetting machines. Biomass briquette machine suppliers offer a wide range of machines with varied production capacity, different processing and other specifications.

You can first make a list of your requirements like:

• Availability of raw material

• You budget

• Quality of briquettes

• Maintenance time

• Storage facilities with your

It will help you buy right machine in your budget. Some machines work with chemicals and adhesives, while many briquetting machines are designed to form logs only with high pressure. So, if you are looking for more Eco-friendly briquettes, it is better to buy a machine that works without adhesives.

Further a high-quality machine will produce high-quality briquettes and will help you fetch more prices for your fuel sold to industries.

Ensure More Uniform Combustion With Biomass Briquettes

Coal is one of the widely used energy sources for burning, but the major problem with it is inconsistent burning. Biomass briquettes provide an apt solution for this problem with their feature of uniform burning.

Introduction of biomass briquettes:

Though it is a widely used waste recycling technique having presence for years, many people are still unaware of this. For them, briquetting is basically conversion of agro waste, wood chips, leaves, twigs, forestry waste and other biomass waste into fuel logs. These make an effective alternate of fossil fuels like coal, oil and kerosene.

For some briquettes is cheap, clean and green way of getting energy. By transforming waste into briquettes with the help of briquette plant, one can easily get energy source without hampering natural cycle and creating threat for natural resources. The process includes disinfection of loose biomass material like sawdust, food waste etc. to product compact solid composites by applying extreme pressure on waste.

What allows it to offer uniform combustion?

bannr12One can easily create varied sizes of combustion units for domestic and industrial uses. Briquettes are equally effective for home furnaces to large power plants. Whether your burn this alone or combine these with fossil fuels in heating plants, the quality of combustion remains intact.

To get maximum benefits and quality heating from briquettes, one should properly know their physical characteristics of the fuel logs, as all bio fuels might not be suitable for all technologies. So, their availability in different verities and uniform sizes enable them offer uniform burning for long time.

Other factors that enable briquettes burn well are their high density result of the extreme pressure put on the raw material by the briquettes machines. Further, eco-friendly manufacturing process of briquetting increase its volumetric calorific value, create clean and stable fuel with low transportation cost. As the briquetting process takes place at very high temperature and that too without any chemical process, the quality of fuel briquettes increase.

Besides quality of burning, there is incredible difference in toxicity of combustion emissions by the briquettes and coal. Health hazards, harmful gases and global warming are some other negative impacts of other fossil fuels, for which briquettes provide an excellent solution.

So, briquettes are not just famous due to their better burning quality; there are numerous other features of this eco-friendly and sustainable energy source. One can easily experience the difference between the coal and briquettes only in one use.

Major benefits of briquettes include:

• Reduces dependency on fossil fuels

• Offer cost-effective, easy to handle and time saving fuel source

• Prevents natural resources

• Clean to handle

• Easy to pack and move with effective storage

The Next Generation Bounty: Bio Fuel

In the natural world we can find abundant to alternative energy for living; rather than just relying on fossil fuel. Bio fuel is cleaner and they reduce carbon emission.

Bio fuels are the future and the only substitute to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Our standard of living depends on energy consumption. If we look at our dependency, we can sense most of the advances of contemporary society like cars, lightening, cooking and even clean drinking water depend on the utilization of fossil fuel.

Bio fuels can power our trucks, cars, trains, tractors, generators and even planes and the good news is they do not add carbon to the atmosphere. If we count the benefits of bio fuel they are plenty:

• Create domestic jobs

• Initiatives reduction of greenhouse gases

• Enhanced food security

• Economic benefits.

In short it makes a great gift, which we can offer to our future generations to come.

But we have to understand the fact; fossil fuel is finite resource, and in order to sustain our living we have to look for alternatives as soon as possible. We need a new approach for a cleaner, environment friendly society, they can be:

• Encourage the use of CNG gases. Compressed Natural gas i.e. CNG offers advantages over conventional petroleum products. It is regarded as the most viable fuel option for clean, safe and inexpensive transportation. It produces far fewer harmful emissions, hydrocarbons lowered by 40-60% and. Carbon monoxide emission by 70-80%. It also improves the engine life of automobiles.

• Biomass Briquettes are fuels made up of biomass waste and residues and it produces high capacity energy solutions. A briquetting plant can be set easily, with the help of government funding and further briquettes are manufactured for industries. The agricultural feedstock is compressed under high pressure in the briquetting machine and thus producing energy efficient and economical fuel.

• Biodiesel continues to improve energy efficiency, and we should persuade more and more people to use it. They are energy efficient fuel and come with greenhouse gas benefits. They are usually made of diverse mix of feed stocks including cooking oil, soya bean oil and animal fat. Biodiesel produces about 60% less net carbon dioxide emission than petroleum based diesel. It should be encouraged as it is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that provides us cleaner air to breathe in.

We have to face the truth, that fossil fuel, which is the most precious form of energy and it has been used from years for transportation and mobile uses is depleting at an alarming rate. In order to carry forward our legacy of a great civilization we need to encourage more and more: briquette press machines, hybrid cars, wind turbines, solar energy plants and many more steps to make our world a better place to live in.

Why Briquetting of Biomass is a Blessing in Disguise?

Today ‘Go Green’ is the buzzword and probably you’ve noticed it everywhere starting from news, politics, fashion and even technology. We are always advised to use eco-friendly products. Often the term is misunderstood by people and despite several disagreements we are advised to implement in our lifestyle.

The significance of fuel in our daily life and industries cannot be disregarded. It is needed to perform a number of tasks right from domestic kitchens, vehicles, boilers and large scale industries. It is also required in number of industries like brick kilns as fuel is the heart of the industry.

The only way to get sustainable fuel is through natural resources. Earth is endowed with fossil fuels like coal, lignite and petroleum but these are depleting at a faster rate. Due to increasing demand there is steep rise in prices too.

But have you realised that if the situation remains same then how will the future generation manage? The solution lies in briquetting of biomass and it is our responsibility to save natural resources and ensure that fuel is available for our future generations.

Today there is wide acceptance of biomass briquettes and its demand is increasing. This is the reason why briquette plant manufacturers have found an alternative source of fuel to fulfil the requirement. The briquetting machine is agricultural recycling machinery that can turn wealth from waste without the help of
Most of the developed nations of the world have adapted to the concept of preserving and retaining the natural resources. The biomass briquettes are developed from number of things which are actually considered to be waste and if let out in open can cause pollution.

These are baggasse, groundnut shells, almond shells, coir pith etc. that are used in different kinds of heating applications. The biomass press machine exporters in India treat this as viable energy option and consider it suitable to satisfy the needs of the consumers.

Through briquetting plant project high energy resource briquettes can be produced which can be used for power and electricity generation. The main advantage is that instead of fossil fuels the briquettes produced are more eco-friendly and help in reprocessing the bio-waste.

Therefore it would not be wrong to say that briquetting of biomass is a blessing in disguise.

How Briquetting Machines are Helpful in Generating Renewable Energy?

Renewable source of fuel is important for countries where fuel is a major problem. In this scenario briquetting is a process to get inexhaustible source of fuel by modifying the agro wastes. Find out the contribution of briquetting plants?

It is a major requirement to get renewable fuel because they produce energy without harming the environment unlike fossil fuel. The briquettes machines can easily process an array of materials and convert them into renewable source of fuel.

The final usage of the fuel depends on different kinds of materials used like rice husk, wheat straw, mustard waste, wood chip, leaves etc that are processed in a briquetting plant. The fuel is effective in variety of uses like barbecue, industrial boilers, domestic stoves, animals bedding and in other industries.

The selection of raw material completely depends on the end use and the briquette machines work on binderless which means no chemicals are used. But some materials do need binders to convert the raw materials into logs.  The briquette plant machine suppliers have started processing raw materials like sawdust crop waste, paper residue, animal waste and wood waste.

With the coming up of these equipments high pressure on these raw materials have been put to bind so that they can be converted them into wood logs. In this way they can be used as bio-fuel. There was a time when people had limited options to get bio-fuel. They either used to get wood from the forests that served as a fuel or decomposed the waste in the landfills and converted them into biomass.

Today biomass briquetting has also created a number of new job avenues by providing forest owners a new market for their products. This leads to economical growth of a country. This means that a country which spends huge sums of money on fossil fuels like petroleum and oil can also invest in briquetting plants.

The briquetting plant project encourages farmers to makes best use of their agricultural waste effectively than leaving them in open. Biomass is said to be a renewable source of fuel and can never fall raw material because they are readily available in our environment.