Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste with Briquettes Press

Waste reduction, its reuse and waste recycling are some of the major environmental problems today. Most of the countries are busy looking for perfect solution for these concerns. There is one single solution for all of these problems and that is briquetting plant.

By installing a briquetting plant you can get effective solution of all the problems. Use of dung cakes and wood logs as energy source had been used in India for long. Though these provide cheap energy source, but highly harmful gases come along with this. With the technological advancement and invention of new techniques, we have got a technology called briquettes press to effectively use these waste materials.
brqtThough energy source is still same (animal waste and wooden waste), but the technique to use the same has improved drastically. Farmers who otherwise dump the agriculture waste here and there can now process the same in briquetting machines and can get a new product as fuel.

Throwing waste in water sources create water pollution, while throwing it here and there create land problem. With briquette presses, this waste can be put in the machines and converted into fuel source. This is waste recycling.

Let’s now discuss waste reduction and waste reuse. What you do with the remains of coal and other tradition fuel source? No doubt, it is thrown ineffectively. One of the benefits of using briquettes is its reuse by again processing it into the machines. Based on your convenience and use, you can create briquettes of different sizes and shapes.
briqAre you worried about the expenses of setting up a briquetting project and time taken in making briquettes? No need to worry about this, as biomass briquetting project can be started with minimal investment. You just need money to buy the machines and use the wooden waste available with you. Worried about raw material and chemicals? As mentioned agriculture and wooden waste is the raw material. These machines don’t need any kind of chemical or adhesive, as the force put by them is enough to create briquettes.

Still confused! Talk to an expert by visiting the websites of briquetting machine suppliers and get more details about setting up the project and making briquettes from waste material.


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