Manufacturing Various Types of Briquettes with a Briquetting Machine

Briquettes have been used for a long time in villages and backward areas to cook food and produce power. However, these versatile fuel sources are being manufactured worldwide in plants that use Briquettes machine to produce coal briquettes.

Not only are briquettes a great source of slow combustion fuels, but these are also an amazing replacement for the more popular non-renewable sources of energy like the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Renewable Sources of fuel

Although most of the developed countries have shifted to using LPG as the main source of fuel for cooking and also running vehicles (petrol, diesel, etc.), charcoal briquettes are still used as a conventional source of cooking food in many villages in countries like India and Indonesia. Even though coal is a fossil fuel as well, briquettes can be made out of just about anything combustible (sawdust, wood chips, chaff, etc).

Various forms of briquettes

As discussed above, briquettes can be manufactured from a wide variety of raw materials which are easily available everywhere and are also extremely cheap. Some of the most popular forms of briquettes that are typically manufactured in a briquetting plant are:

1. Saw Dust Briquettes: These briquettes are ideally made from saw dust that is a by-product of wood processing factories. Saw dust can be found in factories and wood processing plants that deal with the manufacturing of furniture.

2. Chaff Briquettes: This is another Eco-friendly option for the manufacturing of briquettes. Chaff is defined as the outer covering or the husk of rice grains and wheat grains. This husk, when powdered finely, is called chaff and this material can be, compressed into combustible blocks that are known as chaff briquettes.


3. Biomass Briquettes: This is another great alternative to charcoal briquettes. Biomass briquettes are manufactured from different types of agricultural wastes and can be easily used as a long-lasting fuel for cooking and producing electricity even!

Great Value for Money

Coal briquettes and biomass briquettes are not only great sources of fuel they are also good value for money. Briquettes are quite cheap compared to other alternative sources of energy and the increasing number of Briquettes machine are a testimony to the demand of briquettes in both developed and developing countries.

In places like America and Australia, briquettes are mostly used for out-door barbeques and grilling activities. They are very useful for camping and trekking in areas which do not have easy access to conventional sources of fuel.



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