Why Briquetting of Biomass is a Blessing in Disguise?

Today ‘Go Green’ is the buzzword and probably you’ve noticed it everywhere starting from news, politics, fashion and even technology. We are always advised to use eco-friendly products. Often the term is misunderstood by people and despite several disagreements we are advised to implement in our lifestyle.

The significance of fuel in our daily life and industries cannot be disregarded. It is needed to perform a number of tasks right from domestic kitchens, vehicles, boilers and large scale industries. It is also required in number of industries like brick kilns as fuel is the heart of the industry.

The only way to get sustainable fuel is through natural resources. Earth is endowed with fossil fuels like coal, lignite and petroleum but these are depleting at a faster rate. Due to increasing demand there is steep rise in prices too.

But have you realised that if the situation remains same then how will the future generation manage? The solution lies in briquetting of biomass and it is our responsibility to save natural resources and ensure that fuel is available for our future generations.

Today there is wide acceptance of biomass briquettes and its demand is increasing. This is the reason why briquette plant manufacturers have found an alternative source of fuel to fulfil the requirement. The briquetting machine is agricultural recycling machinery that can turn wealth from waste without the help of binder.bio-energy-plant
Most of the developed nations of the world have adapted to the concept of preserving and retaining the natural resources. The biomass briquettes are developed from number of things which are actually considered to be waste and if let out in open can cause pollution.

These are baggasse, groundnut shells, almond shells, coir pith etc. that are used in different kinds of heating applications. The biomass press machine exporters in India treat this as viable energy option and consider it suitable to satisfy the needs of the consumers.

Through briquetting plant project high energy resource briquettes can be produced which can be used for power and electricity generation. The main advantage is that instead of fossil fuels the briquettes produced are more eco-friendly and help in reprocessing the bio-waste.

Therefore it would not be wrong to say that briquetting of biomass is a blessing in disguise.


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